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The Twisted Colossus roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Southern California
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With coasters that race, rapids that roar and superheroes who soar, this massive theme park dazzles with a Los Angeles vibe.

The stats do conjure the image of a mountain: 105 hectares, 19 world-class roller coasters and more than 100 rides. But drill down beyond the numbers and you’ll see why Six Flags Magic Mountain has twice been voted the USA’s best theme park by USA Today readers. Located just north of Los Angeles in Valencia, California, this thrill-seeker’s paradise claims the world’s tallest ride, the world’s fastest looping coaster and the longest hybrid coaster. But it’s also got family fun featuring heroes, villains and kid-friendly characters. If you’re visiting Southern California, this Hollywood-style magic is not to be missed.

Rides for Thrill Seekers

These four coasters are just an introduction to the endless excitement at Six Flags Magic Mountain.


After a slow trek to this steel giant’s 72-meter peak, you’re left staring straight into the sky. At the very top, this hypercoaster slows for a glimpse into far-off mountains before nosediving into a gauntlet featuring an airtime hill, banked turns and a descent down a helix at a max speed of 136 kph.

Twisted Colossus

Each of this ride’s two tracks boasts enough drops and twirls to steal your breath and fill your body with adrenaline. But, imagine mirroring another coaster as it whips around sharp turns and flips into wicked inversions. The Colossus was featured at fictional theme park Walley World in “National Lampoon’s Vacation” and has since become one of world’s top steel coasters.


You’re about to be fired off into a 53-meter skydive, half-loops, backflips and a twisting front flip while hitting a max speed of 122 kph. Oh, and you’ll be doing this while passing a pair of flame throwers and spinning on a 360-degree axis. X2 was the world’s first 4th dimension roller coaster, which means you’ll be flipping in various directions as the ride is moving. Totally epic.

West Coast Racers

Slated for a 2020 opening, the world’s first quadruple launch, twin-lap racing coaster captures a slice of Southern California car-racing culture depicted in films like “Grease” and “American Graffiti.” Two trains launch side by side, getting serious airtime, experiencing multiple breathtaking near misses and stopping in for a pit stop in a replica West Coast Customs shop.

Big-time thrills on the twisting, turning X2 roller coaster

Big-time thrills on the twisting, turning X2 roller coaster
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Popular Family Attractions

These three rides are proof that you don’t have to be on a roller coaster to delight in dips, dives and high-octane drama.

Roaring Rapids

It might start off as a peaceful float, but this ride soon turns into a taste of the white-water rafting tours of the USA’s Wild West. You’ll enjoy floating past trees and boulders, but that serene setting will blur as the rapids speed up and you twist, bounce and get soaked.

Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth

The bad guys hate it, but we have a feeling you’re going to enjoy being caught in Wonder Woman’s lasso. You’ll be in the center of a giant disc spinning on a 45-degree tilt. The resulting gravity pins your back to your seat.

Pacific Speedway

You can go-kart anywhere, but at Magic Mountain you’re putting the pedal to the medal on a full-sized speedway complete with hills and sharp turns. True, this is a family ride, but once the engines rev and the wheels hit the track, it’s a mad sprint to the finish.

Braving the white water and cascades of the Roaring Rapids family float ride

Braving the white water and cascades of the Roaring Rapids family float ride
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Can’t-miss Extras

Get a glimpse into the park’s spectacular entertainment, tempting food and festive events.

Character Meet and Greets

What would it be like to come face-to-face with Justice League heroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman? And wouldn’t you love to yuck it up with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the rest of their Looney Tunes pals? Those two gangs can often be found at select locations for meet-and-greets with photo opportunities throughout the park.

Delicious Eats

From fluffy funnel cakes with seasonal toppings to giant roast turkey legs reminiscent of medieval times, you’ll find wild adventures in the dining options, too. Don’t leave without trying a Thrill Shake, the roller coaster of milkshakes. One favorite is the Cookies & Cream flavor, which boasts ice cream bar and cake pop add-ons plus an Oreo crust.

Holiday Events

Holidays at Magic Mountain are just as big and fun as the rides. In the fall, Fright Fest kicks off with an unleashing of monsters who wait to scare visitors in horrifying mazes. During winter’s Holiday in the Park, visit themed areas like Winter Wonderland and Rockin’ Universe where Santa, Mrs. Claus and other seasonal characters roam and treats like hot cocoa and cider are served.

High-fiving Batman, one of the Justice League characters you can meet at Six Flags Magic Mountain

High-fiving Batman, one of the Justice League characters you can meet at Six Flags Magic Mountain
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Getting There

Fly into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to explore Southern California. You can rent a car and drive an hour north to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Several Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) lines also have service that reaches the area, and the City of Santa Clarita has a Free Trolley Service.

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