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San Juan Mountains in Telluride, Colorado
Bogdan Zlatkov
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View of downtown Telluride, Colorado from the mountains
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Gondola between Telluride and Mountain Village
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Private ski lessons in Mountain Village, Colorado
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Skiing in Mountain Village, Colorado
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Telluride Ski and Snowboard School in Colorado
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Shops in Mountain Village, Colorado
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View of Mountain Village from the Mountain Lodge hotel room
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The View Bar & Grill at the Mountain Lodge hotel in Mountain Village, Colorado
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Fire pit in Mountain Village, Colorado
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My trip to Telluride, Colorado, was an experience I’ll never forget.

I landed at Montrose Airport, about an hour from Telluride, already eager to explore one of the most historic silver and gold mining towns in the United States. This region offers two main areas for your enjoyment: rustic downtown Telluride and the contemporary town of Mountain Village, a charming, European-style resort.

Historic Town of Telluride

The history of this Wild West town is well represented through its preserved architecture and the Telluride Historical Museum, showcasing more than 1,500 images that tell the story of this wonderful old city. Nestled at the base of stunning Ajax Peak, Telluride’s Main Street offers plenty of options for enjoying healthy meals and checking out the latest trends in boutique shopping. At night, downtown is illuminated, and its bars and restaurants come alive with a friendly and exciting social scene. I enjoyed an amazing dinner with good friends at the Chop House, located in the New Sheridan Hotel, a 100-plus-year-old hotel that was rebuilt after a fire in 1895. Telluride is especially popular during the summertime, attracting thousands of visitors with its many arts and music festivals and all-around natural beauty.

Adventures in Mountain Village

At the top of the San Juan Mountains that surround downtown Telluride, Mountain Village is a wonderful modern resort area with several comfortable and luxurious lodging options. It’s here that you’ll be able to enjoy winter to its fullest! And getting here is easy: The main public transportation system between Mountain Village and downtown Telluride is the gondola, which transports passengers while delivering a truly beautiful view of the mountains – a priceless addition to this free transportation system!

In Mountain Village, the Telluride Ski and Snowboard School is certainly one of the best schools in the country, with private and group lessons, programs for kids and friendly instructors. The ski area in Telluride seemed to please both beginners and advanced skiers. The slopes were extremely well groomed, and I felt utter freedom – as if my pair of skis was a pair of wings!

Other popular activities during the winter include sleigh rides, which takes visitors to various places such as the spectacular Alpino Vino restaurant, ice-fishing, hiking or heli-skiing. One of the most memorable moments I’ve experienced while travelling was a snowmobile ride in the mountains. I had the wonderful opportunity to see the sun rising behind magnificent mountains – a truly breathtaking view!

Dining in Telluride

Have you ever dined with unforgettable mountain views? Allred’s is an elegant restaurant that I highly recommend. One of the most popular restaurants in Telluride, Allred’s is conveniently located at the mid-point station of the gondola. It offers what few restaurants can: spectacular mountain views coupled with fresh dishes prepared with local, organic and unique ingredients.

For me, Telluride is a place to reflect, relax, look at the mountains and celebrate life. The extensive snowy white slopes, breathtaking landscapes in all directions and entertainment options left me happy with my holiday choice. I felt at home, blending in perfectly with this community of visitors and locals alike!

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