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Wilderness Aware Rafting in Buena Vista, Colorado
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Wilderness Aware Rafting in Buena Vista, Colorado
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Wilderness Aware raft sits on the river bank in Buena Vista, Colorado
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Horse Back Riding in Buena Vista, Colorado
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Scenic Mountain Biking tour with Wilderness Aware Rafting
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Zip lining with Top of the Rockies Zip Line in Leadville, Colorado
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Wilderness Aware Rafting in Buena Vista, Colorado
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Wilderness Aware Rafting in Buena Vista, Colorado
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Wilderness Aware Rafting in Buena Vista, Colorado
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If you’re dying to see summertime snow in the mountains or the leaves change colors on the trees, then Colorado is the vacation destination for you.

Traveling along the roads of Colorado, heading to the small town of Buena Vista, you’ll be astonished by one of the best visual experiences that nature could offer. From beautiful snow-capped mountains to roads lined fully with trees with red, yellow and orange leaves in the Autumn, to beautiful rivers that flow alongside you, it's so gorgeous, you’ll have to stop a few times to take photos. The scenery here is just as beautiful in the summertime when the trees and towering mountains are a deep shade of green. One of the best ways to explore it with Wilderness Aware Rafting, a top outdoor outfitter located in Buena Vista.

White Water Rafting Adventures

Wilderness Aware Rafting offers tours and exceptional adventures such as white water rafting, horseback riding, zip lining, and mountain biking. To start, you can try white water rafting down America’s most popular rafting river, the Arkansas River, as well as four other stunning Colorado waterways. Along these stunning rivers, you’ll witness glorious canyon walls and grand views of the largest concentration of 14,000 mountain peaks in the lower 48 states.

Wilderness Aware Rafting offers exciting trips for all levels of ability including gentle floats for children as young as 4 years old. The wildly popular Browns Canyon tour is perfect for adventurous first-timers and experienced rafters alike.

And for experienced rafters looking for a more intense adventure, consider the extreme Colorado white water rafting trips in the Royal Gorge or the even more challenging Numbers section of the Arkansas River, known for big, powerful drops and continuous rapids.

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Outdoor Activities on Dry Land

After your wet and wild adventure, Wilderness Aware Rafting has plenty of fun options to choose from on dry land. Feel the thrill of adventure as you mountain bike, with trained guides or on your own, over rugged forest roads and trails. The rush and the views could not get any more spectacular.

You can also switch the bike for a four-legged mode of transportation and wander among some of Colorado’s most beautiful passages on horseback. Along equestrian trails, you’ll pass through quiet meadows and ride side-by-side along the river, all in the shadow of the majestic Mount Princeton.

Next, continue your excursion toward Leadville, where Wilderness Aware Rafting can set you up for an adventure high above ground: high-altitude zip lining between the towering snow-capped mountains and stately pine trees! The zip lines use some of the latest braking technology, which means you can fly hands-free without worry. You may be nervous at first, but by the second circuit, you’ll be a pro, and you won’t want the experience to end.

Whether by water, land or air, outdoor excitement awaits in Colorado. Bring your sense of adventure and let Wilderness Aware Rafting in Buena Vista organize your next amazing holiday experience!

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