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An artist at work in Jackson Square in New Orleans, Louisiana
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New Orleans, Louisiana, is an attractive city full of music and art.

Its historic buildings create a unique, sophisticated atmosphere. People from around the world gather here for its colorful and fun annual carnival, or “Mardi Gras,” but what New Orleans has to offer to you is, of course, a year-round experience.

Music and Art in Jackson Square

Located in New Orleans’ most famous historic district (the French Quarter), Jackson Square is a vibrant city park surrounded by historic buildings from the 18th century that’s also steps away from the Mississippi River. It’s a must-visit spot especially if you are a music and art lover. Once you set foot inside the park, you will be surrounded by street musicians playing live music, much of it jazz. It’s easy to be enchanted by the talented musicians for hours.

There also are many artists who create original works in this park as if it was their personal studio. They, too, will draw you into their worlds with their unbelievable talent. Have them draw your portrait or caricature to bring home a New Orleans memory.

Also, many fun events are held here, too, which will keep you entertained. Of course, a little break at Cafe du Monde just outside the park is a necessity. The trip will not be complete without sampling its famous cafe au lait and beignets!

A beignet and café au lait from Café du Monde

A beignet and café au lait from Café du Monde
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Stroll on Royal Street; Hear Jazz on Frenchmen Street

Near Jackson Square is Royal Street, one of the oldest streets in New Orleans. Many talented local musicians and artists gather here, too. Just by strolling around, you can have a fun-filled day. There are many antique shops and art galleries, so if you feel like window shopping or taking a nice urban walk, this is the spot to go.

If you are a music lover, you must visit Frenchmen Street. Just strolling the street you can indulge yourself in the world of jazz and other genres, which can be heard from many bars and restaurants that line the street. The live performances are very memorable.

New Orleans is indeed a one-of-a-kind place, where historic and modern cultures are perfectly blended. Visit New Orleans and you can rest assured that you will enjoy its unique charms.

A jazz band playing at the Spotted Cat Music Club on Frenchmen Street

A jazz band playing at the Spotted Cat Music Club on Frenchmen Street
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