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Taking in the view on an autumn day in Acadia National Park, Maine
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Travel Spotlights

Welcome to Visit the USA's Travel Spotlights

Answer the call to adventure as you discover stunning photography, epic road trips and inspiring travel ideas that provide endless possibilities while visiting the USA. Whether you’re seeking out iconic attractions or authentic off-the-beaten-path experiences, find out what makes each region, state and territory uniquely exciting to visit.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico
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Explore by Region

Travel Spotlights: Pacific Region

The Pacific is defined by its coastlines, fringed by dense forests, sandy beaches, rocky cliffs and fabulous dining at local landmarks and trendy new restaurants.


Travel Spotlights: West Region

The West is a land of contrasts, with tough, hardworking cowboys as well as Las Vegas’ bright lights, all set among majestic mountains.


Travel Spotlights: Southwest Region

Amid quiet desert beauty and towering red rocks, sample the Southwest’s spicy cuisines and learn about its colorful cultures.


Travel Spotlights: Midwest Region

Discover classic Americana on a road trip along the Midwest’s rivers and lakes, stopping in vibrant cities and friendly small towns.


Travel Spotlights: Southeast Region

Pristine beaches, forested state parks and lively cities fill the Southeast, home to comforting cuisine and legendary hospitality.


Travel Spotlights: Northeast Region

This picturesque gateway region is home to some of the USA’s most exciting cities, historic landmarks and beautiful coastlines.


Travel Spotlights: U.S. Territories

Sprinkled across the globe from the Caribbean to the Pacific, the U.S. territories are islands of spectacular scenery and lively cultures.