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Wildflowers on the Oregon Coast
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WiFi Access

Wildflowers on the Oregon Coast

Official Travel Information

Wi-Fi is readily available throughout the United States. Free Wi-Fi is available at many coffee shops, restaurants and public libraries. Find free Wi-Fi spots here.

Many lodging facilities offer Wi-Fi for laptops, tablets and smartphones. Luxury hotels may charge for the service, while less expensive hotels often offer it for free. Some hotels only offer Wi-Fi access in their lobbies or have computers available in the lobbies for guest use. If free Wi-Fi access is important to you, check the hotel’s offerings before making your reservation.

Wi-Fi usually is available on trains, buses and airplanes. On U.S. domestic flights, passengers are allowed to use their computers, tablets, reading devices and smartphones as long as they are set to airplane mode. Check your transportation provider’s website in advance of traveling to see if Wi-Fi is provided and if there is an access fee.