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Museums & Attractions

Tips for family travel and sightseeing

The USA is filled with amazing and unique museums and entertainment options. See works of art, relics from pop culture and movies, lifelike wax replicas and more, then end your fun-filled day by seeing a concert or live show.

Family Travel

The USA is very accommodating to families traveling with children. From concerts and zoos to amusement parks and interactive museums, you will find no shortage of ways to keep your children entertained. Many restaurants have kid-friendly menus, museums typically have exhibits targeted at kids and there are many only-in-the-USA attractions that kids will love. Since many locations offer kid-friendly attractions as well as offer reduced admission prices for kids, make sure to call or check online in advance of your trip. If you are traveling in a large group, ask for group rates before booking tickets.


Whether you want to see art or artifacts with cultural, historical, scientific or artistic importance, you will find a museum to explore in the United States with more than 35,000 museums and counting. While large museums are located in the major cultural hubs like New York City, New York; Chicago, Illinois; Los Angeles, California, and Washington, D.C., many smaller cities and towns have museums as well. 

The best time to visit a museum depends on what kind of experience you want. For a quieter museum experience, the best time to visit is generally Monday through Wednesday or any weekday from September through February. The busiest days are Saturdays and anytime from mid-March through late July. Some museums have free admission daily (like the Smithsonian museums in Washington, D.C.), while others are free only on specific days or during certain hours.

Live Entertainment

The USA is known for its wide variety of live entertainment. From intimate historic venues to giant arenas, live entertainment is a large part of U.S. culture. Many cities have districts that are known as hot spots for live music, so ask your hotel concierge or do some research ahead of time if you’d like to catch a show on your trip.

Bigger cities have well-known venues that offer a multitude of events. You will most likely find a type of live entertainment — such as ballet, opera and music concert — near your destination. You can see a Broadway musical in cities other than New York City or catch a local play. 

In addition, many cities offer iconic U.S. sports like baseball and basketball. You will want to purchase your tickets online in advance for popular events or games, but in some cases venues offer last-minute discount tickets if you arrive early.