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A Feast of Top Traveller Tips for Your #RoadTripUSA!

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Imagine greeting the rising sun from the mist-shrouded valleys of the Blue Ridge Mountains. A road trip gives you a true taste of the freedom and beauty the United States has to offer.

You may travel on the same roads as many before you, but your journey is unique. There’s no race to the finish, it’s all about the enjoying the ebb of time as you make everlasting memories and discover this land.

Our social followers and seasoned 'trippers reflect on their most memorable journeys across the U.S. Straight from the highways and byways of the U.S., take note of these top tips and travel memories!

Take the less-travelled path

"Make sure to get off the I-10 and get to Marfa and Macdonald Observatory in South West Texas! But check the opening times…"
- James Johnson, United Kingdom, Twitter

Go off-road for the most amazing of sights!

"Sedona & Schnebly Hill Road are a must! Drive carefully and enjoy amazing vistas in front & behind…"
- Lindsay Allen, United Kingdom, Twitter

Stop, stare and take it all in…

"Yosemite is an amazing place. When we were there we saw about half a dozen climbers on El Capitan. They looked just like ants climbing up the mountain!"
- Margaret Korzanowski, United Kingdom, Facebook

Step out of your comfort zone!

"I have been on Maid of the Mist! The bit that made me emotional was when the guide said, 'Ladies and gentlemen — THIS is Niagara Falls!' you could barely hear his voice above the noise of the falling water!"
- Jackie Sopp, United Kingdom, Facebook

Don’t stay in one place for too long

"Our 21-day trip was from San Francisco to New York, visiting iconic places like Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and lots of places in between! A holiday of a lifetime and wonderful memories that will last for ever!"
- Heather Page, United Kingdom, Facebook

Find beauty in big cities

"We were in Boston last September and walked a very leafy Freedom Trail ... It was a glorious day and we can’t wait to go back!"
- Pamela Cross, United Kingdom, Facebook.

Come back time and time again!

"At the last count it's 17 visits for yours truly, and I can't wait for the next one! Stunning scenery and great people."
- Lesley Buchan, United Kingdom, Facebook

Ready to plan your road trip? Our planning tool can help you brainstorm and find your perfect route.

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