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An aerial view of Surfside, Florida
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The streets of Surfside, Florida
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Fun in the sun at the beach in Surfside, Florida
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Surfside is situated right next door to Miami, but offers a very different feel and atmosphere than its bustling, lively neighbor.

What can Surfside offer visitors? Silky, white-sand beaches with sparkling blue waters, delicious ethnic cuisine, lovely shops, a family-friendly atmosphere and a location adjacent to some of the best entertainment in the world, and that’s just for starters.

Fun in the Sun

There is no better way to spend a day than on the sand of a Florida beach. The ocean is more blue, the water warmer and the slightly tropical weather results in a certain peace and relaxation that is hard to find.

Priding itself on eco-conscious living, the town of Surfside has helped to create a safe haven for sea turtles during nesting season, by, among other actions, dimming lights on buildings near the beach, having building codes that keep construction a certain distance from the beach and keeping the lovely beachfront walking and bicycle path manicured and lush year-round. The path is lined with plants and palm trees, making it yet another tranquil way to enjoy this natural, pristine beach.

For a break from the beach, Surfside has a small town-feel and its community center offers a lovely pool and facilities that the public can use if they're in the mood for a different type of water playground.

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Shopping Opportunities

Surfside’s boutiques feature unique wares – from beautiful clothing and bags to extremely pretty stationery and gifts – that you'll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. In addition to the wonderful items in stock, shopping is made that much more enjoyable by the friendly staff, who are often also the owners.

Just down the street from Surfside, you will also find one of the most amazing shopping malls in the USA, the Bal Harbour Shops. The high-end mall includes shops like Armani, Gucci, Saks Fifth Avenue and many more.

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Flavors of the World

If you're hungry and in the mood for something a little different, Surfside definitely has you covered. You can literally “taste the world on two blocks” here. Greek, Italian, Asian and kosher restaurants are just some of the delicious offerings. Being half-Greek, I couldn't resist eating an amazing Greek salad at a lovely restaurant. I also visited a superb Italian restaurant that served probably the best tiramisu I've ever tasted.

Luxury Lodging in Surfside

A relatively new addition to Surfside is the refurbished 1920s Surf Club with its grand ballroom, which has also been restored to its former glory. The exclusive beachfront club houses a spectacular hotel, so make sure to stop by for a visit or start planning your future stay there now.

Another gem is the Grand Beach Hotel, which opened just a few years ago and was the first new Surfside hotel in 50 years. The luxurious resort overlooks the lovely white sandy beach and features 288 rooms, a rooftop pool, wellness spa, 24-hour fitness center, beachside pools and hot tubs, and a classic French restaurant, Chez Gaston. 

If you want a holiday where you can laze and have fun on an ideal beach, eat in superb restaurants, shop for unique, beautiful gifts and come back to a relaxing retreat after a night of lively entertainment, then Surfside is the place for you.