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San Francisco Plantation, a National Historic Landmark, in Garyville
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New Orleans Plantation Country is home to beautiful and famous plantation homes.

The unique stories and fascinating differences make each of the nine magnificent plantations worth a visit. You’ll hear real stories about the people who lived here – English sugar barons, Creole women, slaves and soldiers – each with their own perspective. You’ll see artifacts, read stories and touch history – from the grand ballrooms to the impoverished slave cabins. Swamp tours, mouth-watering cuisine and a feast of festivals weave their magic into your adventure as well.

Tracing Footsteps

Along the winding River Road between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, this unforgettable journey offers a unique look into the past. Visit slave cabins at Evergreen Plantation or Laura: A Creole Plantation, where the “Tales of Br’er Rabbit” originated. See the legendary alley of 300-year-old oaks and talk to “the Colonel” about the War Between the States at Oak Alley Plantation. Houmas House Plantation and Gardens features breathtaking gardens and sumptuous dining. Destrehan Plantation provides excellent educational tours with crafting demonstrations on a regular basis. Ormond Plantation features unique West Indies architecture, Poché Plantation is the state’s only RV resort, and St. Joseph Plantation is still a working sugar plantation.


Into the Swamp

Go from grandeur to the great outdoors with an exhilarating tour into mysterious swamps. Knowledgeable, fearless guides will take you into the swamps for an up-close experience with Louisiana wildlife and wetlands, including Louisiana alligators. A variety of styles from covered pontoon boats to racing airboats are available for swamp-seeing experiences.

Eating Up the Culture

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, you’ll savor world-renowned Louisiana cuisine. From mom-and-pop local eateries to five-star fine dining, a delicious culinary adventure is as much a part of the experience as the attractions. Festivals throughout the year offer additional opportunities to fully experience the area through celebrations of food, music and culture.

Gift shops throughout the area, including many on the grounds of the exquisite plantations, offer souvenirs to take home. They feature everything from locally made candles, soaps and food products to books, antiques, jewelry, cookbooks and other memorabilia. You’ll definitely want to send postcards home telling all about your fabulous experiences.

Wherever your journey in New Orleans Plantation Country takes you, storytellers will captivate you, the stories themselves will touch you, and you’ll leave with your own tales to tell.