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Michigan Golf at Eagle Eye and Hawk Hollow Championship Golf Courses.
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Little Hawk miniature golf course in Lansing, Michigan
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Shopping and entertainment at Eastwood Towne Center in Lansing, Michigan.
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Signature beer at the Lansing Brewing Company in Michigan.
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Flight of beer at the Lansing Brewing Company in Michigan.
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Sampling a signature beer at the Lansing Brewing Company.
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Dining at the Lansing Brewing Company in Lansing’s Stadium District.
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On my recent trip to Michigan, I was able to visit the friendly capital city of Lansing.

As a native Canadian, I felt incredibly welcome in a state that shares our Great Lakes culture. And, with nearby Michigan State University’s diverse campus, Greater Lansing boasts a mixture of International, Midwestern and Canadian influence.

Eastwood Towne Center: Lansing’s First Stop for Shopping

At the Eastwood Towne Center, I explored all the shopping opportunities that this huge outdoor complex has to offer – including the large selection at Schuler Books & Music, where you can grab a book off the shelf and read by the fireplace. The Towne Center also has multiple popular restaurants and a movie theater. Plus, the Center’s proximity to my hotel — and a handful of other popular hotels — made this is a great spot to begin and end my day.

Greater Lansing’s Championship Golf

Considering the popularity of the sport in this area, I was excited to check out some of Greater Lansing’s signature golf courses. The beautifully landscaped Eagle Eye Golf Club is extremely impressive with its links-style courses surrounding a gorgeous blue lake. Its challenging 17th hole is even located on a small island, demanding a very skilled (or very lucky) shot. After a day on the green, the clubhouse offers food and frosty beer with a breathtaking view of its championship course.

Nearby Hawk Hollow Golf Course is equally impressive with its large clubhouse and lush green courses. Right next to the clubhouse is the picturesque but challenging Little Hawk, a miniature golf course with nicely manicured inclines, and tricky obstacles like sand traps and water. The shady trees and landscaping details make this an incredibly pleasant outdoor experience for the whole family. I highly recommend it to beginners and experienced golfers alike.

Nightlife and Culture in Downtown and Greater Lansing

The highlight of Greater Lansing’s nightlife has to be the Makers and Shakers Beer, Wine and Spirits Trail. Downtown Lansing and the surrounding area are home to many of these popular hangouts. There are so many varying tastes to explore, but one stop that I visited considers itself the home of Lansing’s quintessential beer. At Lansing Brewing Company, many of the beers are inspired by the city, including their signature IPA, fondly named the Angry Mayor. On the menu they offer a delicious take on poutine, using their Amber Cream Ale.

No more than a 2 minute drive from the brewery, American Fifth Spirits emanates a totally different vibe with its rustic lounge decor and kitschy bar decorated with hundreds of pennies. This cozy space features large windows that peer into the distillery, giving you a glimpse at their unique liquors.

Lansing is a beautiful and friendly city, and features entertainment and outdoor activities for everyone. Not only are the locals welcoming, but the numerous Canadian flags across Lansing make this northern US city even more of a home away from home for a Canadian abroad.