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Moose feeding at sunset below the Teton range
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Inside mythic Yellowstone-Teton Territory

Yellowstone Teton Territory in Idaho – with its majestic mountains, grand vistas, fabulous array of wildlife, deep canyons, spectacular waterfalls, lush meadows, pristine rivers and streams, quaint communities and outstanding year-round outdoor activities – ranks at the top on bucket lists as the premier destination for tourists and recreational enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

Lay of the Land

Spanning over 19,400 square kilometers in six eastern Idaho counties and adjacent to Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, this region is unique from both environmental and ecological perspectives. The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is one of the largest intact temperate zone ecosystems remaining on earth. Old Faithful Geyser is the main geothermal attraction, but some 10,000 hot springs, geysers, melting pots and other geothermal wonders dot this splendid terrain.

Scenic trails, loops and bypasses meander gracefully throughout the territory, giving tourists easy access and connectivity to numerous historical monuments. Charming local communities provide accommodations ranging from camp sites to five-star resorts and to dining options featuring regional fare, native fish and wild game.

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Island Park is known as the snowmobile capital of the western Rockies, and sledders traveling to this winter wonderland also have access to thousands of kilometers of groomed trails throughout the region. Boondockers and their souped-up sleds get their fill of thrills challenging the many peaks and steep climbs in the backcountry.

No need for winter vacationers to venture north to Alaska for sled dog excitement because the Annual Sled Dog Derby in Ashton every February offers an opportunity for visitors to line the trails to witness mushers driving their teams for the gold. The pristine powder on the slopes from the end of November to the end of April at the Grand Targhee Resort and Kelly Canyon attracts downhill skiing enthusiasts globally.snake 

Spring and Summer

After the spring thaw, mountain bikers, backpackers, hikers, white water thrill seekers, horseback riders, golfers and hang gliders enjoy the pleasures of the area and the benefit of up to 14 hours of daylight in the peak of summer.

Fly fishing on the South Fork of the Snake River, recognized as the premier dry-fly tail water in all of North America, or on the glassy waters of the Henry’s Fork, reels in anglers from across all continents during spring and summer. 

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Cultural districts, a variety of museums, galleries, greenbelts, bike paths and this country’s first geotourism center offer alternatives to visitors who wish to mix their exploration and recreation with slower paced touring. Shutterbugs and sightseers are blessed with wildlife migrations along open trails and numerous viewing opportunities of golden and bald eagles, swans, grouse and other species of birds abound in all seasons.

Contact the Yellowstone-Teton Territory for information about lodging, dining, outdoor activities, festivals, sightseeing, historical monuments, wildlife viewing and more in the six eastern Idaho counties of Bonneville, Clark, Fremont, Jefferson, Madison and Teton as well as for Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks and the mountain gateway resort communities of the Greater Yellowstone region.

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