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Bringing America Wild: National Park Adventure to the Big Screen
MacGillivray Freeman Films
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Like many Americans, I remember the first time I saw Yosemite Valley and Half Dome when I was a kid.

It’s a memory that has stayed with me throughout my travels. Making this film was something we’ve wanted to do for years—and on the cusp of the 100th anniversary of the national parks—now was the perfect time to celebrate these precious natural treasures.

America Wild: National Parks Adventure

In America Wild: National Parks Adventure, we’ve aimed to give audiences a taste of the amazing personal experiences the park system offers to those who wish to adventure, get closer to nature and create their own cherished memories.

Today, we are so tied to our cell phones, city-life and our everyday concerns. Even as a filmmaker, you start to forget how powerful nature’s influence can be until you’ve gone out there. But once you see it, once you feel the enormity of these natural wonders, you realize how much it can enhance and affect your life. That awareness will drive the next generation to continue to protect and manage the parks in a way that ensures they endure.

While making the film, we visited more than 30 different national parks and looked for the things that had never been captured before – and there’s no doubt, we found them! From ice climbing in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan to free climbing Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming, we’ve captured the rugged, diverse beauty of the American landscape and the spirit that drives millions to get out there and explore it.

Working with our team – Conrad, Rachel and Max – made the filming exceptionally memorable. They are important to this story, not just because they love to climb and hike, but also because they embody the idea that there is something in the parks for everybody.

There is astonishing untamed beauty in every national park that gives us all a sense of wonder and awe, no matter our age. I hope the film brings that experience to audiences who have never seen these magnificent parks before – and inspires them to find a park trail and take their own journey. 

Shaun MacGillivray

Growing up on filmmaking expeditions all over the world, it didn’t take long for Shaun MacGillivray to catch the same filmmaking bug as his father, Oscar®-nominated filmmaker, Greg MacGillivray. Over the last 10 years, Shaun has been busy seeking out the world’s most spectacular locations and producing award-winning 3D giant-screen films that tell their story. His latest film, America Wild: National Parks Adventure, is set to give audiences around the globe an experience of the parks guaranteed to inspire a new generation of adventurers.