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Loading luggage into a rental car to embark on a road trip

Avis Car Rental Makes Traveling Easy in the USA

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More and more travelers to the USA choose to explore by car, avoiding the worries of waiting for a ride or failing to get to desired destinations.

Avis Car Rental, established in 1946, operates a fleet of 500,000 vehicles in 174 countries. The company offers business travelers and vacationers comfortable and convenient travel tools. Follow these tips, and you’ll find out how easy is to rent a vehicle in the USA.

Avis Car Rental Basics

Whether you need a vehicle for an hour, a day or a month in the USA, Avis has several short- and long-term rental packages.

In China, here are steps to reserve vehicles: Call the Avis Worldwide 24-hour Car Rental Hotline at 400-882-1119, visit, email [email protected] or visit the local Avis office for booking assistance. Confirm the vehicle model and rental days with a credit card, bank transfer, cash or online payment. Use the Avis Car Rental prepaid system to send payment directly to the destination.

Picking up the car at Avis in the USA is convenient. Bring the reservation confirmation number and provide a valid passport, Chinese driver's license, translation, and dual currency or foreign currency credit card. Avis employees will check the vehicle, such as how much fuel it has, its appearance and other items, such as potential additional costs.

Generally, Avis does not limit the distance one can drive in the vehicles, but drivers can choose ULM (unlimited mileage) at the time of booking. Services with an extra fee could include GPS rentals, baby seats, mobile phones, ski racks, anti-skid tires, bicycle parking racks and walkie-talkies.

Arranging for a car rental at the Avis branch in Manhattan, New York City

Arranging for a car rental at the Avis branch in Manhattan, New York City
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Avis Preferred & Chauffeur

Consider exploring the Avis overseas quality plan. Highlights include the ability to apply to more than 1,500 outlets in the world, one registration with no need to repeat information for each car rental, VIP priority rental procedures and designated vehicles.

This option eliminates tedious forms, and there are no membership fees. Avis Preferred members simply need to present a driver's license, get the key and get on the road. To sign up, use a computer to fill out the application, provide a credit card number and sign the form. It takes about 50 working days for Avis to process the application and send the Avis Preferred membership card to you.

Whether for business or leisure, the WeDriveU service can make your journey easier.Experienced, professional drivers pick you up in stylish vehicles. You can save 35 percent by combining the car hire/driver service throughout the day. The range of services include airport, hotel and business transfer transportation. WeDriveU fees are charged by the hour. First, it is recommended that you become a member of Avis's Overseas Premium Program; register at Book a car at and get a confirmation number; use your company's AWD number for the corporate customer discount code or use the discount code S682300. Book a driver at least 48 hours in advance by clicking on “My Account” and registering at, then click "Create New Reservation" and fill in the car confirmation number. You will receive a confirmation via email. For customer support, call 400-882-1119.

A variety of styles and models available to rent

A variety of styles and models available to rent
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Avis Luxury Car Types

High-end luxury car rental is increasingly favored by travelers for special occasions, important business or general travel. As one of the world's largest international car rental companies, Avis offers more than 20 luxury brands, including Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Cadillac, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Maserati, Porsche, Land Rover, Hummer, Jeep and American muscle cars. Models include high-end sedans, sports cars and SUVs. Each is equipped with a satellite navigation system. Daily luxury car prices vary according to the model. Requirements to lease high-end luxury cars include more than two years of driving experience and two credit card guarantees, one of which must be a bank gold card.

Enjoying riding in a convertible on a country road

Enjoying riding in a convertible on a country road
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Choosing the Right Rental Vehicle

Avis can provide the perfect vehicle from its wide selection of vehicles. Every vehicle in the fleet goes through a meticulous and rigorous inspection. All vehicles are smoke-free. Standard options of vehicles usually include air conditioning, power steering, dual airbags, electric windows and door locks, cruise control and more. The main Avis models in the USA are GM, Ford and Lincoln.

Insurance & Other Services

Check with your travel agent or Avis to find out which of these options are included in your package for free or an additional fee.

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) – Vehicle damage insurance that relieves the lessee of economic liability or loss resulting from accidents, damage to or robbery of AVIS vehicles or damage to other vehicles.

Emergency Sickness Protection (ESP) – First aid protection insurance available only in the USA provides a non-U.S. nationality driver and passengers some relief for medical expenses.

Additional Liability Insurance (ALI) – Insurance available only in the USA protects the lessee for injuries, death or financial losses caused by a third party.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) – Protects the medical expenses incurred by the tenant as a result of bodily injury or death caused by the accident during the rental of the vehicle by AVIS.

Personal Effects Protections (PEP) – Insures the personal belongings carried by the lessee during the lease.

Where2 GPS-Navigator – Route planning, 3-D maps and navigators in more than 40 languages.

Avis e-Toll – Most of the AVIS rental vehicles in the USA are equipped with electronic highway meter feeders.

Avis E-Receipt – AVIS can provide electronic copies of the receipts directly to your email address.

Emergency Roadside Service (ERS) – Renters can call AVIS 24 hours a day for free rescue services for any mechanical problems. Additional fees are charged for the delivery of fuel or additional keys.

Ski Racks – Racks to secure luggage on the top of the vehicle are available in the USA.

Child Safety Seats – In the USA, children and infants must use a safety seat. Seats for a variety of ages can be reserved with Avis.

Access Services for People with Disabilities – Vehicles with special equipment, such as manual remote control, swivel seats and special mirrors, are available and can be reserved in advance.

Roadside SafetyNet (RSN) – For a small additional fee, the road safety rescue network will cover services not covered in the ERS.

Pickup and Returns

To speed ​​up your pickup procedure, present all car rental documents and information to the AVIS counter clerk. Bring along your Chinese driver's license or an international driver's license, a credit card, passport, prepaid voucher and any return tickets. AVIS tellers will direct you where to find your rental car.

Avis provides customers with three refueling options: purchase a tank in advance at a price not exceeding what is charged at local gas stations, so you can return the car empty; payment upon return, and the AVIS staff will refuel the vehicle for the cost of the fuel plus some service fees; and self-service, where you buy your own fuel to fill the tank before returning the vehicle to Avis.

To return a vehicle, follow signs at the airport and park your car at the designated location. On your contract, fill in the vehicle’s mileage and indicate if you purchased a fuel service. Give the contract to an AVIS counter representative and receive a delivery receipt. Any extra costs, such as sales tax and the refueling service fee, will be deducted from your credit card.

For faster return service, AVIS counter staff can come to your car and use the hand-held delivery system.

AVIS can provide off-site pickup service, allowing you to return the vehicle to a different location than the pickup point. Just inform your travel agent or AVIS booking staff in advance.

Understanding Your Contract

If you need assistance understanding any portion of the rental contract, AVIS representatives are available in person, by phone or email to provide immediate help.

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