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Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Literally built into the side of the Ozark Mountains, the tiny village of Eureka Springs is a charming collection of Victorian architecture and higgledy-piggledy streets snaking past cliff-clinging homes, confounding new visitors. Folks easily fall in love with this place, so appealingly...
The Southern region of the United States is an area completely unique unto itself, and is characterized by water, barbecue, blues music, and good old Southern hospitality.
Beale Street neon lights shine in Memphis, Tennessee
The birthplace of blues, tons of succulent BBQ restaurants and American history icons are just some of the reasons to visit Memphis, Tennessee. From Beale Street with the best live blues to B.B. King's and many more restaurants and bars – you simply can’t miss it. Memphis offers great attractions,...
Vinyl, music and souvenir shop on Beale Street
The largest city in Tennessee, Memphis is a real must-see destination for lovers of Elvis, music history and barbecue. This is the birthplace for some of the biggest artists in blues and rock music, and Memphis continues to seduce travellers with its culinary specialties and, of course, its rhythm!
Memphis BBQ
Among the various barbecue capitals in America, Memphis stands out. Unlike in Texas, which is all about beef, BBQ in Memphis means pork, and it comes in two versions: pulled shoulder pork and ribs served either ‘wet’ (with sauce) or ‘dry’ (with a rub of spices and herbs instead).
North Carolina BBQ
With a barbecue joint per thousand citizens, Lexington has been rightly dubbed the swine, slaw and hush puppy (deep-fried cornbread balls) capital of the world. Founded in 1962, Lexington Barbecue #1 (‘Honey Monk’s’ to the locals) is the open-pit, hickory-smoke ‘daddy of ‘em all’. Even during a slow...
Arthur Bryant's BBQ in Kansas City, Missouri
Barbecue is the official dish of Kansas City, an ongoing passion and obsession that commonly erupts into white-hot arguments about where to savour the best. And there are plenty of candidates—around 100 joints serve up brisket, baby back ribs and burnt ends (aka ‘brownies’, the crispy, coveted...
It’s official: we ate all of the BBQ in Texas! For seven days, we tried every pulled, rubbed, dried and smothered meat we got our hands on.
We explored a lot in our travels trough Central Texas, but since this is the BBQ Trail, we know what’s really important. Here are just the BBQ “joints” all in one place.
After a great night’s sleep at the Hotel Havana San Antonio, we woke up rested and ready to spend our last day of the trip exploring the city.
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